Trang của Bach Coffee trên trang Len's Coffee


Bach is a young coffee company producing what we've decided to call Vietnamese coffee 'neat'. Whereas 'traditional' Vietnamese coffee has oil, sugar, and a touch of salt added during the roasting process to produce a very distinctive caramelly taste, Bach coffee is roasted with no other ingredients, more of a "Western" style of roasting. This provides a great alternative for coffee fans who want to enjoy the unique terroir of Vietnamese coffees without the traditional "butter roast" style, and is suitable for vegans.

Traditional Vietnamese whole bean coffees are a challenge for many grinders because of their high oil content, and many of our customers with burr grinders and/or grind and brew systems have asked for a drier whole bean coffee. Now you can get great Vietnamese coffee taste, whole bean freshness, and trouble-free grinding!

This is a very Vietnamese coffee, richly flavorful, low-acid, and full of the chocolate and nut tones that characterise the best beans from Vietnam's basaltic/volcanic soil, which imparts a signature taste profile unlike any other region in the world. We are carrying the Bach coffees in whole bean only, to preserve their freshness. The company does not have nitrogen-flush packaging equipment, which would be necessary for keeping pre-ground coffees fresher over a reasonable shelf life.

We are impressed with the quality of Bach beans - the beans are huge, sound, ripe and delicious. It is a great choice as a regional single source coffee enjoyed black or with cream and sugar, but also works well for traditional ca phe sua da - Vietnamese style coffee with sweetened condensed milk. The density and rich taste are great in the traditional phin filter and deliver the optimal brewing time.

Whole Bean only.